Windows 12: The AI-Enhanced Operating System Coming in 2024

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new version of its popular operating system, Windows, that will be released in June 2024. According to some leaks and rumors, Windows 12 will have several new features that will make it more intelligent, user-friendly, and secure.

One of the most anticipated features of the new OS is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the core of the system. This will allow it to learn from the user’s behavior, preferences, and needs, and provide personalized and proactive assistance. For example, Windows 12 will be able to suggest the best apps, settings, and actions for the user based on the context, time, and location. Windows 12 will also be able to detect and prevent threats, errors, and performance issues, and automatically fix them or notify the user.

Another feature of the new Windows that has been speculated is the redesign of the user interface (UI). The new Windows will have a more modern, minimalist, and intuitive UI that will adapt to different devices, screen sizes, and modes. The OS will also support more gestures, voice commands, and facial recognition, making it easier and faster to interact with the system.

Windows 12 will also have improved compatibility and interoperability with other devices and platforms. It will be able to seamlessly sync and share data, files, and settings with other Windows devices, as well as Android and iOS devices. The OS will also support more apps and games from different sources, such as the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed or denied the existence of Windows 12, but some sources claim that the company is already testing the new operating system internally. Windows 12 is expected to be a major update that will require a new license and installation, unlike the previous versions of Windows 10 that were delivered as free updates. Windows 12 is also expected to be the last version of Windows, as Microsoft will shift to a more frequent and incremental update model in the future.

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