Vivo and Transsion to launch the world’s first rollable screen smartphone by 2024

What is a rollable screen smartphone?

A rollable screen smartphone is a device that can change the size of its screen by rotating the display in or out. This is a new concept that aims to provide more flexibility and convenience for users who want to switch between a phone and a tablet mode. Unlike a foldable phone, which has a hinge that folds the screen in half, a rollable phone has a mechanism that slides the screen along the edge of the device.

Why are vivo and Transsion developing a rollable screen smartphone?

According to some news sources, vivo and Transsion are planning to launch the world’s first rollable screen smartphone by the end of 2024. They are expected to compete with Samsung, which is developing its own slider phone with a rollable display. Both Vivo and Transition are Chinese smartphone brands with a strong presence in emerging markets such as Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. They may see an opportunity to capture the premium segment of these markets with a novel and innovative product.

Vivo has already applied for a patent for a rollable phone design, which shows that the device can return to a standard shape when the screen is idle. The display can only be extended when performing certain tasks, such as using the camera, watching videos, or reading documents. This can save battery life and reduce screen wear.

How will vivo and Transsion’s rollable screen smartphone challenge Samsung’s foldable market?

Samsung is the undisputed leader in the foldable phone market with its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series. It has improved its durability, design, and performance compared to previous models and also reduced its price to make them more accessible. Samsung also partnered with Google to optimize Android for foldable devices and offer exclusive features like Flex Mode and App Continuity.

However, Samsung may face some competition in rollable screen smartphones from Vivo and Transition, which may offer some advantages over a foldable phone, such as:

Less thickness and weight

A rolling phone can be thinner and lighter than a foldable phone, as it does not require a hinge or multiple layers of glass. This can make it more comfortable to hold and carry around.

Fewer creases on the screen

A foldable phone screen may develop creases or wrinkles where it folds, which can affect visual quality and touch sensitivity. A rollable phone avoids this problem by having a smooth and seamless surface.

More screen size options

A foldable phone usually has two specific screen sizes: one when it’s folded and one when it’s unfolded. A rollable phone can have more flexibility in adjusting its screen size according to the user’s preferences or needs.

What are the challenges and limitations of vivo and Transsion’s rollable screen smartphone?

While the Vivo and Transitions rollable screen smartphones may sound promising, it may also face some challenges and limitations, such as:


A rolling phone can be more prone to damage than a foldable phone, as it has more moving parts and mechanical stress. The screen may be more vulnerable to scratches or cracks if not protected by a cover or case.

Battery life

A rotating phone can consume more power than a foldable phone because it needs to run the motor that turns the screen in or out. Battery capacity may also be limited by available space on the device.


A rotary phone can be more expensive than a foldable phone, as it requires more advanced technology and materials. Production costs can also be high due to the complexity and difficulty of production.


Vivo and Transsion are working to launch the world’s first rollable screen smartphone by 2024, which could challenge Samsung’s dominance in the foldable phone market. A rollable screen can offer more flexibility and convenience for smartphone users who want to switch between a phone and a tablet mode. However, it may face some challenges in terms of durability, battery life, and cost. We are waiting to see how well Vivo and Transition can execute their vision and how the market will react to this new form factor.

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