The Google Pixel 8 gets unboxed before release

Google is set to unveil its highly-anticipated Pixel 8 series later this week, precisely on Wednesday, October 4th. However, the excitement might be slightly dimmed by the multitude of leaks that have surfaced. It feels like we have seen most of the phone’s secrets before the official release.

Among the leaks, we’ve got a glimpse of what’s inside the retail package for the Pixel 8 series. Curious to know what comes in the box? There’s a YouTube short posted by PBKreviews, a channel typically known for disassembly videos and drop tests rather than leaks. In this short video, you can see the Google Pixel 8 gets unboxed and the contents of the box, which includes a USB C to C cable, a USB C to A adapter, a quick start guide, and, of course, the phone itself.

The phone in the video is a Google Pixel 8, sporting an elegant “Hazel” color. This particular unit is the 128GB version, paired with 8GB of RAM. For a more in-depth look at the specs, we’ve got a leaked comparison directly from Google itself.

Stay tuned for the official unveiling on October 4 to get the complete picture of what the Google Pixel 8 series has in store for tech enthusiasts.

Credit: PBKreviews

Before this release, Google Pixel 8’s Antutu Benchmark score and their specifications were also leaked. Despite the unboxing of the Google Pixel 8, We are still waiting eagerly for the official unveiling of the device on October 4th, 2023. Stay tuned for the big reveal and the full details of these highly-anticipated devices.

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