Stable HyperOS update now available for Redmi K50 in China

Xiaomi has begun rolling out a stable HyperOS update for the Redmi K50 series in China. The firmware version is This update, weighing about 5.7GB, is now available for all users in China.

It’s being incrementally released and may take some time. The update introduces new improvements and feature enhancements. These include HyperOS features and the Android 14 platform. Users can also expect the integration of the January 2024 security patch. It aims to boost system performance and power efficiency.

The Redmi K50 series has seen a gradual rollout of HyperOS updates. It started with the Developer Version and progressed to beta builds.

Now, with the stable build, users can enjoy a seamless and enhanced user experience on their devices.

HyperOS update brings new changes to Redmi K50:

System Update:

  • Enhances system security with the latest Google security patch (2024#01).

Low-Level Refactoring:

  • Restructures the bottom layer for optimized hardware performance.
  • Dynamically controls resource allocation based on task importance for improved performance and power efficiency.
  • Improves battery life with an ultra-low-power rendering framework.
  • Faster response to computing power requirements with SOC-integrated frequency modulation.
  • Executes focus IO first for smoother performance with the Smart IO engine.
  • Reduces storage fragmentation for prolonged device longevity with refreshed storage technology.
  • Upgrades intelligent network selection capability for smoother network connectivity in weak environments.
  • Dynamically adjusts antenna strategies for improved signal stability with the intelligent signal selection engine.

Cross-Terminal Intelligent Connection:

  • Facilitates efficient device connectivity and collaboration with Xiaomi HyperConnect.
  • Enables dynamic real-time networking of all devices with the integrated device center.
  • Supports cross-device calls and data flow between multiple devices for enhanced user experience.

Global Security:

  • Implements a security and privacy architecture for device interconnection.
  • Ensures mutual device security verification and encrypted data transmission through TEE.
  • Manages Internet permissions, behavior reminders, and records with the cross-end privacy system.

Aesthetics of Life:

  • Delivers globalized life-sense aesthetics with delicate and comfortable visuals.
  • Introduces a new motion language for a coherent global motion experience.
  • Features a vitality color system for a refreshed interface look.
  • Offers a unified system font designed for global use.
  • Enhances weather design and real-time weather engine for a surreal visual experience.
  • Displays key information dynamically with the global focus notification system.
  • Transforms photos into posters with the artistic lock screen.
  • Upgrades desktop icon design for a renewed aesthetic appeal.
  • Presents delicate visual effects with self-developed rendering technologies.
  • Improves multi-task window management for unified interaction and ease of use.

Keep in mind that, After the HyperOS update in Redmi K50, smartphones may experience temporary issues like overheating. However, these issues are expected to dissipate. Stay with InfoGad for more updates.

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