Sony Xperia Pro-II to feature a unique rotating camera ring, leak suggests

Sony’s next flagship phone, the Xperia Pro-II, might have a cool feature – a rotating camera ring. A leak from Weibo, shared by GSMArena, suggests that this new Xperia Pro will let users control zoom, aperture, and focus manually, like pro cameras.

It seems the camera system will be like the Xperia Pro-I from 2020, which had a variable aperture. But the Pro-II will also include a variable zoom lens from the Xperia 1 series. The leak hints that this ring might not just work for the phone’s cameras but also for Sony’s mirrorless cameras when connected to the phone as a display.

This rotating camera ring is interesting for photographers and videographers who want more control. It could make using the Xperia Pro series better for creative pros. The Xperia Pro-I, for example, supported 5G mmWave and HDMI input, making it useful for streaming.

However, there are questions about how practical the rotating camera ring is. How will it switch between zoom, aperture, and focus? Will it have a button or a toggle for modes, or be context-sensitive? How smooth and precise will adjustments be, especially for the aperture, which on the Xperia Pro-I had just two values (f/2.0 and f/4.0)? And how will it affect the phone’s design and durability, especially in terms of water and dust resistance?

These are important things Sony needs to think about if the leak is true. The Xperia Pro-II is expected to be revealed next year, possibly at the MWC in February. A previous leak suggested the new Pro model will upgrade all three camera modules. We’ll have to wait to find out if the rotating camera ring is real and if it’s a big deal or just a fancy extra for Sony’s top phone.

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