Samsung unveils Galaxy Ring, its first smart ring, at Unpacked 2024

Samsung surprised the tech world with a sneak peek of its latest wearable device, the Galaxy Ring, at the end of its Unpacked 2024 event on Wednesday. The Galaxy Ring is Samsung’s first smart ring, a tiny device that can track health and fitness data like a smartwatch, but with a more subtle and minimalist design.

The Galaxy Ring announcement was made by Dr. Matthew Wiggins, a clinical research scientist at Samsung Research, after a segment demonstrating a new Samsung health experience powered by Galaxy AI. The new Samsung Health experience will include features such as sleep apnea detection, medication reminders, and a ‘My Vitality Score’ that measures your physical and mental readiness for the day.

Samsung did not reveal much about the Galaxy Ring’s specifications, price, or availability, but it did show a brief teaser video that showcased the ring’s sleek and simple appearance. The ring comes in three colors: silver, dark gray, and gold. It has sensors and electronics embedded in the inner lining but otherwise looks like a regular piece of jewelry.

Samsung’s entry into the smart ring market signals its ambition to create a network of devices that can feed information into the Samsung Health app, painting a fuller picture of our habits and well-being. The Galaxy Ring is also a response to the growing demand for smart rings, which have been popularized by celebrities and athletes who use devices like the Oura ring to monitor their health and performance.

Samsung has been a leader in the smartwatch market for more than a decade, with its Galaxy Watch series offering a range of features and styles. But the Galaxy Ring is a different kind of wearable, one that aims to be more discreet and less distracting than a smartwatch. As Samsung’s Hon Pak, vice president and head of the digital health team, said: “Some people want a more simple form factor, and [the] ring represents that.”

The Galaxy Ring is expected to launch later this year, but Samsung has not confirmed any details yet. For now, we can only wait and wonder what the Galaxy Ring can do, and how it will fit into Samsung’s vision for a healthier and smarter future.

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