Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra S-Pen Confirmed by FCC Certification Ahead of Launch

Samsung is gearing up to launch its next flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S24, in early 2024. The Galaxy S24 lineup is expected to consist of three models: the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24+, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Among these, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the most premium and feature-packed variant, and it will come with a special accessory: the S-Pen.

The S-Pen is Samsung’s signature stylus that allows users to perform various tasks on their Galaxy devices, such as writing, drawing, editing, and more. The S-Pen was previously exclusive to the Galaxy Note series. Still, Samsung discontinued the Note line and integrated the S-Pen support into the Galaxy S series instead. The Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy S22 Ultra were the first Galaxy S models to come with the S-Pen, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra will continue this trend.

The existence of the Galaxy S24 Ultra S-Pen has been confirmed by the FCC certification, which was spotted by various sources. The FCC certification reveals the model number of the S-Pen as EJ-PS928, which matches the model number of the Galaxy S24 Ultra as SM-S928. This indicates that the S-Pen is designed specifically for the Galaxy S24 Ultra and will be bundled with the device.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra S-Pen

The FCC certification also shows the design of the S-Pen, which looks similar to the previous S-Pens for the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The S-Pen has a rectangular shape with rounded corners and a button on the side. The S-Pen also supports Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, which enables features like remote control, air gestures, and more.

However, the FCC certification does not reveal any new features or capabilities of the S-Pen for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung may have improved the S-Pen’s performance, battery life, or functionality, but we will have to wait for the official launch to find out. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to launch in January 2024, along with the other Galaxy S24 models.

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