Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Display Specs Leaked Online

Rumors suggest that Samsung will introduce its new Galaxy S24 lineup in early 2024. While specifics remain confidential, a tech enthusiast named Revegnus has leaked some details regarding the display features of the upcoming phones.

According to Revegnus, the Galaxy S24 series will incorporate LTPO displays equipped with M13 material, delivering a peak brightness of 2500 nits. LTPO refers to low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, a backplane technology enabling variable refresh rates and reduced power consumption. Meanwhile, M13 represents a fresh material developed by Samsung to enhance the efficiency and performance of its OLED panels. Additionally, there is speculation that the Ultra phone might opt for a flat display instead of the curved edges that have been a defining characteristic of Samsung’s premium devices.

Revegnus shared this information on their personal account, noting, “This information is obtained from Samsung Display. The base model of the S24 shares the same display features as the Plus/Ultra, except for the resolution. All models feature LTPO, M13, and a brightness of 2500 nits.”

If these leaks hold true, it signifies that Samsung is integrating top-notch display technology across all models of the Galaxy S24 series, rather than limiting it to just the Ultra version. This departure would be a departure from past iterations, where only the Ultra model boasted an LTPO display with an adaptive refresh rate, while other models featured LTPS displays with fixed refresh rates.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to recognize that this information remains unverified and lacks confirmation from official sources. It’s wise to approach it with some skepticism until Samsung formally unveils the Galaxy S24 series. Rest assured, we’ll provide updates as soon as any new developments emerge.

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