Samsung Galaxy Ring: What is it and when will it launch?

Samsung is famous for its creative and well-known smartwatches, such as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. However, it appears that the company is moving in a different direction with a small wearable gadget, possibly named the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to function as a smart ring capable of monitoring various health and fitness metrics, including heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep quality. In addition to these health-focused functions, the Ring can connect to other Samsung devices, such as smartphones, tablets and TVs, providing convenient features such as notifications, payments and voice control.

While Samsung has yet to officially launch the Galaxy Ring, some indications suggest that the device is currently in development. In February 2023, Samsung trademarked the name “Galaxy Ring” and certain potential accompanying features or products. Furthermore, an analysis of a Samsung APK by 9to5google confirmed both the name of the gadget and the projected 2024 launch date.

Despite this possibility, the actual release date of Galaxy Ring remains uncertain. As reported by The Elek, a Korean news outlet, development hurdles and delays could hamper the process. Reports suggest that the Galaxy Ring may not hit the market until the third quarter of 2024 or even the first quarter of 2025. Those setbacks could be attributed to medical approval for Samsung’s Ring’s advanced health monitoring features, such as blood pressure tracking and atrial fibrillation detection, which could require up to a year for approval, according to an industry insider.

Another report in The Elec suggests that the Galaxy Ring could be offered in four distinct sizes, potentially offering an optimal fit for different customers. Moreover, it is speculated that the Galaxy Ring might be launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone.

If implemented, the Samsung Galaxy Ring could revolutionize the wearable technology market by providing a discreet, screen-free way to track health and fitness data and interface with other devices. However, it remains to be seen whether Samsung can navigate the technological and regulatory hurdles to deliver a product that meets the high expectations surrounding it.

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