Samsung Galaxy A14: World’s Most Popular Android Phone of Choice for the First Half of 2023

Can you guess the top shipped Phone of the first half of 2023? Yes. It’s always an iPhone. The iPhone 14 Pro Max (shipped 26.5 million) was the most shipped smartphone for the First Half (January-July) of 2023. Only two brands have captured the whole market share of the top 10 Best-Selling Smartphone Models in the First Half of 2023. Among them, Apple has captured 65% of the top 10 smartphones market and Samsung has taken the rest. Apple has also taken the top 4 positions which shows how dominating iPhone is in the smartphone market. But in the 5th position and on top of the Android phones list there is a surprise. Samsung Galaxy A14 (shipped 12.4 million) has taken the top position in the Android phones list, especially considering that Samsung’s flagship S series and foldable phones have traditionally been the most anticipated and highly regarded devices by the company. Its bigger cousin Samsung Galaxy A14 5G has also earned a respectable 7th position (shipped 9 million) in the list. The both phones have been shipped a total of 21.4 million times during the first half of 2023.

Shipping Volume of Top 10 Smartphones (Jan-Jun '23)

Source: Omdia

Reasons for Samsung Galaxy A14’s popularity:

The Samsung Galaxy A series is known for offering a more budget-friendly option compared to the flagship models. Samsung Galaxy A14 still provides a good balance of features and performance. It’s possible that this phone has gained popularity due to its affordability and competitive specifications.

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Affordability: The Samsung Galaxy A14 falls into the entry-level category, making it a budget-friendly choice.

Design: Despite its plastic build, it manages to capture the stylish essence of the flagship Galaxy S23. It offers various color options and accommodates dual SIM cards along with a micro-SD card slot.

Battery Life: The phone impresses with its long-lasting battery performance.

Software: One of its strong suits is the user-friendly software experience.

Display and Performance: The device boasts a spacious screen, efficient performance, robust connectivity options, and an appealing software upgrade path.


In summary, the Samsung Galaxy A14 provides an affordable option with some great features. Its stylish design, extended battery life, user-friendly software, solid display, and reliable performance make it a balanced smartphone for all users and a great choice for those seeking a budget-friendly smartphone.

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