Samsung Dismisses Rebranding Speculations, Affirms Commitment to Exynos Line Over Samsung Dream Chip

Samsung unequivocally rejected rebranding rumors, clarifying that “Dream Chip” is an internal project name rather than an imminent change for the Exynos line. The forthcoming Exynos 2400, it emphasized, will maintain its current nomenclature.

Despite the existence of the name: “Dream Chip”, Samsung made it clear that it has no plans to use it commercially. The company is steadfast in retaining the Exynos name for its line of products, signaling a commitment to the current branding strategy.

While acknowledging the possibility of rebranding in the future, Samsung presently denies any intentions to do so. Recent speculations had suggested a potential renaming of Exynos as Dream Chip, but Samsung Semiconductor refutes these claims.

The semiconductor division clarified that “Dream Chip” serves as an internal project name linked to a research initiative for a flagship Galaxy-exclusive chipset. This chipset, though confirmed, is not expected to hit the market immediately for Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Semiconductor, in response to AndroidAuthority’s follow-up question, categorically dismissed all rumors regarding rebranding. The company reinforced the internal nature of the Dream Chip project, emphasizing its role in chipset research and development.

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