Samsung announces Galaxy AI features for older devices

Samsung has recently unveiled its new Galaxy S24 series, which boasts a suite of AI features powered by Google’s Gemini models. These features include live translation, image enhancement, circle to search, AI wallpapers, and note assist.

But what about the owners of older Samsung devices? Will they be able to enjoy some of these AI functionalities too? The answer is yes, according to Samsung itself.

The company has confirmed that many of the Galaxy AI features will be rolled out to previous models, including the Galaxy S23 series, the Galaxy S23 FE, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and the Galaxy Tab S9 series. The update is expected to arrive in the first half of 2024.

However, Samsung has not specified which features will make the cut and which ones will remain exclusive to the S24 family. It is likely that some of the more advanced or hardware-dependent features will not be available for older devices.

Still, this is good news for Samsung fans who want to experience some of the new AI capabilities without upgrading to a new phone. Samsung says that the Galaxy AI features will enhance the user experience and make everyday tasks easier and more convenient.

The Galaxy S24 series is now available for pre-order, with prices starting from $799 for the S24, $999 for the S24+, and $1,299 for the S24 Ultra. The phones will ship with Android 14 and One UI 6.1 out of the box.

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