Nothing Tech invites developers to create with Glyph

Nothing Tech, the company behind the innovative Nothing phones, has launched its Glyph Developer Kit, a tool that allows developers to customize and control the LED lights on the back of the devices. The Glyph Developer Kit, or GDK, is available on GitHub and supports both Phone 1 and Phone 2 models.

The GDK enables developers to create unique and interactive experiences with Glyph, the name given to the LED lighting system on Nothing phones. Glyph can display different patterns, and animations depending on the context and user input. For example, Glyph can show notifications, battery status, music playback, weather, and more.

Phone 1 has 12 programmable LED zones, while Phone 2 has 33, offering more possibilities for creative expression. The GDK provides detailed documentation on how to index and access each zone, as well as how to use the Glyph API to send and receive data from the phone. Developers can also find sample code and tutorials on the GitHub page.

Nothing Tech hopes that the GDK will inspire developers to explore the potential of Glyph and create new and exciting apps that leverage LED lights. Developers who are interested in using the GDK can sign up on the GitHub page to be notified when the API key registration opens. Nothing Tech also welcomes feedback and suggestions from the developer community on how to improve the GDK and Glyph functionality.

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