Leak Suggests Apple’s iPhone 16 and iPhone 16+ Won’t Feature 120Hz Display, Disappointing Fans

Apple’s iPhone 16 and iPhone 16+, with a 6.12-inch LTPS 60Hz display for the standard model and a 6.69-inch counterpart for the Plus variant, disappoints users by sticking to the 60Hz refresh rate, trailing behind rivals embracing the 120Hz standard.

This decision mirrors the iPhone 15 series, despite incorporating advancements like the Dynamic Island design. Leaks from sources like South Korean tech site Naver and Twitter leaker @Tech_Reve align with predictions from display analyst Ross Young, suggesting a delay in introducing high-refresh-rate screens to base models until 2025.

The Pro models are expected to feature slightly larger screens with a contemporary 120Hz refresh rate, aligning with current trends. Apple’s move contrasts with competitors like Samsung and Google adopting higher refresh rates even in budget-friendly models like the Pixel 7a. Some Moto phones in the mid-budget segment offer impressive 144Hz displays. The persistence of a 60Hz refresh rate in premium models like the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus makes them stand out, raising questions about Apple’s innovation in the current smartphone market.

While a 60Hz refresh rate isn’t inherently problematic, it falls noticeably short of the industry standard in recent flagship devices. Factors like cost and potential battery life trade-offs may influence the reluctance to upgrade, posing a significant point of contention for users expecting a smoother experience. As the industry moves towards dynamic displays, users may perceive Apple’s decision as lagging behind innovative competitors.

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