iPhone’s Dynamic Island: A Revolutionary Feature for the Pro Models

Apple is famous for its creative and modern products, and the iPhone 14 Pro models keep that reputation going. These devices have something cool called the Dynamic Island. It’s a unique shape at the top of the screen where the front camera and Face ID stuff are. But Dynamic Island isn’t just for looks. It’s also a clever hub for different alerts, messages, and actions. This article will dive into what the Dynamic Island is, how it operates, what it can achieve, how to use it, and what it hints at for upcoming iPhones.

What is the iPhone’s Dynamic Island and How Does It Work?

The Dynamic Island is what Apple calls the new shape on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max screens. It replaces the old notch from earlier iPhones. The notch only showed basic things like time, battery, and signal. But the Dynamic Island is more flexible and can do different things depending on what you’re doing.

The Dynamic Island works by blending software and hardware in the TrueDepth camera. The pixels around the pill-shaped part can change to fit different content. For example, when you unlock with Face ID, it’ll show a lock turning into an unlocked symbol. If you use Apple Pay, you’ll see a message and a checkmark. When you get a call, you’ll see the caller’s name, picture, and call duration.

The Dynamic Island can also show multiple things at once, like music playing, a timer, or directions in Maps. Tapping or holding on to it can switch to the app or show more controls. It also tells you when the microphone or camera is in use and shows alerts for low battery, airplane mode, SIM card issues, and more.

What Can iPhone’s Dynamic Island Do?

The Dynamic Island can do many things that enhance your iPhone experience and make it more convenient and fun. Here are some examples of what the Dynamic Island can do:

  • Display Apple Pay transaction confirmations
  • Display privacy indicators when the microphone or camera is in use
  • Display AirDrop file transfers
  • Display AirPods connection status and battery life
  • Display iPhone charging status and battery life
  • Display low battery alerts
  • Display silent mode turned on or off
  • Display Face ID unlocking
  • Display Carkey locking/unlocking
  • Display NFC interactions
  • Display AirPlay connections
  • Display Focus mode changes
  • Display Shortcut actions
  • Display airplane mode/no data alerts
  • Display SIM card alerts
  • Display accessories connect
  • Display Find My alerts
  • Display upcoming and turn-by-turn Maps directions
  • Display incoming phone calls and duration of call
  • Display time remaining of playing a song
  • Display active timers
  • Display live Activity sports scores
  • Display SharePlay sessions
  • Display Screen Recording
  • Display Voice memo recordings
  • Display Personal Hotspot connection

How to Use iPhone’s Dynamic Island?

Getting the hang of the Dynamic Island is really simple and natural. You don’t need to do anything special—it adjusts on its own to show what you need. Yet, you can also engage with it in a few ways for more options. or personalization.

To work with the Dynamic Island, just tap or hold on it. Tapping it switches to the related app. If it’s showing a countdown timer, tapping brings you to the Clock app. If there’s an incoming call, tapping lets you answer or decline.

Holding on the Dynamic Island reveals a widget with extra controls for what’s on display. If it’s showing a playing song, you’ll get playback buttons and a volume slider. If it’s showing AirPods connection info, you’ll see battery levels and noise cancellation settings.

You can even adjust the Dynamic Island in Settings > Display & Brightness > Dynamic Island. There, you can pick what types of content to show or hide—notifications, background activities, alerts, and more. You can also tweak the size and shape to suit your taste.

Will the iPhone 15 models have the Dynamic Island?

Any iPhone fans are wondering whether this feature will be available on all the iPhone 15 models, or only on the Pro versions. According to several leaks and rumors, it seems that Apple will indeed roll out the Dynamic Island to the entire iPhone 15 range, bringing a more consistent and modern design to its flagship phones. However, this is not confirmed by Apple yet, and we will have to wait until the official launch event in September to find out for sure.


The Dynamic Island is an amazing feature that changes the top cutout into an interactive center for alerts, notifications, and tasks. Depending on what’s happening, it can show various info and functions, even changing its size and shape. You can tap or press it for more options or use it to switch to related apps.

You can adjust the Dynamic Island in Settings, choosing what you want it to show or hide and even changing its appearance.

Exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models, the Dynamic Island adds a lot of value, making the iPhone experience more enjoyable. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s worth giving the Dynamic Island a go.


Which iPhones have Dynamic Island?

The iPhone 14 Pro series introduces the Dynamic Island, a feature that converts the infamous notch into a useful and versatile area. However, this feature is only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models, but it may be extended to all models in the Apple iPhone 15 series.

What is Dynamic Island vs. Notch?

The Dynamic Island is a feature that changes the appearance and functionality of the top of the screen on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It can adapt to different contexts and show various types of information and actions. You can also tap or long press on it to access more features.

Will the iPhone 15 have 120Hz?

According to the report, the iPhone 17/ 17 Plus will be the first non-Pro model to have a display with an LTPO 120Hz refresh rate. The previous models, the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 16 will only have a 60Hz LTPS panel.

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