iPhone 16 Pro Max to boast the best battery life ever in an iPhone, according to leaks

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone 16 series, which is expected to happen in late 2024. However, some leaks and rumors have already surfaced online, giving us a glimpse of what the next-generation iPhones might offer. One of the most exciting features that has been tipped for the iPhone 16 Pro Max is its battery life, which could be the longest ever in an iPhone.

According to a Naver user named yeux1122, who claims to have insider information, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a bigger battery than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which already has an impressive 29-hour battery life. The iPhone 16 Pro Max could offer up to 30 hours of battery life, thanks to a 5 percent increase in battery capacity and improved power efficiency in both software and hardware.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is said to have a 4,676mAh battery, compared to the 4,422mAh battery of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It will also retain the L-shaped battery design, which is a dual-cell arrangement that saves internal space. The larger battery will be needed to power the bigger 6.9-inch MLA OLED screen, which is also a new feature for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. The MLA OLED technology is supposed to offer better contrast, brightness, and color accuracy than the previous OLED screens.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is not the only model that will get a battery upgrade. The iPhone 16 Pro, which is the smaller sibling of the Pro Max, will also have a bigger battery than the iPhone 15 Pro, according to the same source. The iPhone 16 Pro will have a 6.3-inch MLA OLED screen, which is slightly larger than the 6.1-inch screen of the iPhone 15 Pro. It will also have a more noticeable bezel than the Galaxy S24, which is expected to be its main rival.

Both the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will also have other impressive features, such as the Apple A18 Pro SoC, which is the most powerful processor ever made by Apple. They will also have up to 2TB of storage, 8GB of RAM, a new capture button, exclusive on-device AI capabilities, and an improved Titanium build. The cameras will also get a boost, with the iPhone 16 Pro Max having a Super Periscope camera that can offer up to 100x zoom, and the iPhone 16 Pro having a 5x Periscope zoom camera.

The iPhone 16 series is shaping up to be the most advanced and innovative iPhone ever, and the battery life is one of the most important aspects that will make it stand out from the competition. However, these are still rumors and leaks, and we will have to wait until the official launch to confirm them. Until then, we can only hope that Apple will deliver on these expectations and surprise us with even more features.

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