How to Use the S Pen with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and its features

The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts its integrated S Pen slot and an updated S Pen just like its predecessors. Users can unleash creativity effortlessly with seamless compatibility with the Air command menu. Additionally, Air actions and new features like text cleanup and auto-formatting enhance the writing and drawing experience. Whether indulging in artistic pursuits on the S24 Ultra’s screen or swiftly capturing screenshots and photos with the Camera app, the S Pen offers versatility and convenience. Joining PENUP drawing challenges is also an option, making creativity even more accessible.

Let’s dive in to find out how you can use S Pen effectively with your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Pairing and Charging the S Pen

Your S24 Ultra S Pen automatically pairs and charges upon insertion into your device. If necessary, reset the S Pen’s connection or pair an S Pen Pro.

  • Navigate to Settings, then Advanced Features, and tap S Pen.
  • Alternatively, remove the S Pen from the integrated S Pen slot, open the Air command menu, and tap the Settings icon.
  • Your S Pen’s battery percentage displays at the top of the screen.
  • To reset, tap More options, then Reset S Pen, and insert it to reconnect.

Using Air Command and Air Actions

The Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen seamlessly integrates with the Air command menu and Air actions.

  • To access the Air command menu, remove your S Pen and tap its icon on the screen’s right side.
  • Air command options include text translation, note creation, screenwriting, text magnification, and more.
  • Customize the menu by tapping “Add” and selecting desired S Pen features and apps.
  • Air actions enable gesture-based tasks like camera remote, music control, and app launching.
  • Edit Air action options by navigating to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > Air actions.

Capturing Photos:

The S24 Ultra S Pen facilitates effortless photo capture.

  • Use the S Pen’s button as a remote control in the Camera app for capturing pictures.
  • Utilize the Smart Select option to take screenshots of the current screen.
  • To set up the S Pen as a camera remote, navigate to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen.
  • Enable Air actions and switch on Camera under General app actions.
  • Select “Take a picture” for Single press option.
  • Open the Camera app, choose PHOTO mode, and press the Pen button on the S Pen to capture.

Capturing Your Screen with Smart Select:

You can easily capture your screen by using S Pen through Smart Select.

  • Open the Air command menu by tapping the pen icon on the screen’s right side.
  • Select “Smart Select” and choose a capture option like rectangle or oval.
  • Draw around the content you want to capture.
  • After capturing, utilize options like Pin, Copy, Auto select, Draw, Extract text, and Share.
  • Tap the Save icon to save your selection.

Writing with the S Pen:

Transform your handwriting into text with the improved S Pen-to-text feature on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

  • Open Samsung Notes and tap the Create Note icon to start.
  • Write with the S Pen, then tap the Convert to text icon at the bottom.
  • Your handwriting converts to text in a pop-up box for review and comparison.
  • Add the converted text to your note or explore additional options like Auto format, Summarize, Correct spelling, and Translate.
  • Use the Clean up feature to straighten your handwriting if needed.
  • Tap the Clean up icon again, then choose Clean up handwriting.
  • Adjust settings for straightening, Align letters, Even space words, and Fix the shape of letters as desired.

Coloring and Creating Artwork:

Unleash your creativity beyond writing with the Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen by creating artwork.

  • Use features like Screen off memo and Samsung Notes to draw on your device’s screen, even when it’s off.
  • Explore a variety of artworks and artists on PENUP, where you can draw, color, and share your creations.
  • Access PENUP from the Air command menu by tapping the pen icon on the screen’s right side.
  • Confirm your age and allow necessary permissions to continue.
  • Choose from Drawing, Photo Drawing, Coloring, Live drawing, and Challenges on the PENUP Home screen.
  • Share images from the Gallery app and browse other users’ artworks for inspiration.


In conclusion, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen enhances productivity and creativity with its array of features. From writing and drawing to capturing photos and creating artwork, the S Pen offers versatility and convenience. Even if the S Pen is misplaced, replacements are readily available in Samsung’s website. Explore the full potential of the S Pen and elevate your mobile experience with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

  • Note: The S Pen Pro works with the Galaxy S24 Ultra but can’t be inserted into the S Pen slot.
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