How to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S24 devices

Samsung devices stand out for their versatility, offering multiple ways to capture screenshots effortlessly. From hardware buttons to intuitive gestures, there’s a method for every user’s preference. Let’s delve into the various options available on the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones.

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The quickest method is to press the volume down and side buttons (Some people may refer side button as the power button) simultaneously. Ensure it’s a quick press to avoid triggering the power menu.

Other Ways:

Another option is the palm swipe gesture, which offers a more fun and intuitive way to capture screenshots. Simply swipe your palm across the screen in either direction. To ensure these features are enabled, navigate to Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures. Here, you can enable options like Palm swipe to capture and Show toolbar after capturing.

For those who prefer voice commands, Bixby can take screenshots upon your command. Say, “Hi, Bixby,” or press the side button to bring out Bixby Voice. Then just say, “Take a screenshot,” and Bixby will do the rest.

Samsung devices also offer a unique Scroll Capture feature, allowing you to capture lengthy content such as web pages or apps. Simply take a screenshot and select the Scroll Capture button from the toolbar. If the screenshot toolbar isn’t showing up, go to Settings > Advanced features > Screenshots and Screen Recordings. Enable “Show toolbar after capturing” for easy access to screenshot features.

If you own the Galaxy S24 Ultra with S Pen support, you have an additional option. Pull out the S Pen, and hover it close to the screen without making contact. Now select “Screen write” from the Air command menu.

With these versatile screenshot methods, capturing and sharing content on your Samsung Galaxy S24 device has never been easier.

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