How to capture Macro photos with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a unique macro feature utilizing its Ultrawide lens, capturing sharp, detailed close-up shots effortlessly. To activate it, simply open the camera app and position the device close to the subject, mimicking a macro shot. Then tapping on the Focus Enhancer icon in the bottom-left corner, the camera app will automatically switch to the ultrawide lens. This provides a clearer image of the entire frame, ensuring everything is in focus. That’s it. Your macro shot is now ready to be captured.

This macro functionality complements the S24 Ultra’s impressive camera setup, which includes a 200 MP main camera, a 50 MP periscope telephoto lens, a 10 MP telephoto lens, and a 12 MP ultrawide lens. Notably, users can capture both wide-angle and zoomed-in shots simultaneously while maintaining high resolution.

For photography enthusiasts, the S24 Ultra with its AI-powered features stands out as a potent tool. However, the AI’s consistency in performance may vary, warranting attention.

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What is Macro Mode?

Macro mode, commonly found in cameras and smartphones, magnifies subjects for extreme close-up shots, making them appear larger. Technically, it reproduces subjects at least 1:1 on the sensor, although many refer to close-ups as “macro” loosely.

Popular for capturing detailed images of bugs, flowers, and small objects, macro photography demands careful focus and depth of field management. In smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, macro mode utilizes the ultrawide lens for close-up shots, enabling users to explore intricate details directly from their phones.

In summary, macro photography, a prevalent feature in cameras and smartphones, allows users to capture extreme close-up shots effortlessly. While technically defined, the term is often used more loosely. Nonetheless, macro photography remains popular for its ability to produce unique and detailed images. With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s macro mode, users can easily explore and capture the beauty of close-up subjects directly from their smartphones.

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