How the Galaxy S24’s Instant Slow-mo uses AI to turn any video into a cinematic masterpiece

The Galaxy S24 series, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, has a lot of impressive features to offer, but one of the most intriguing ones is the Instant Slow-mo. This feature allows you to apply a slow-motion effect to any video you have recorded or downloaded, regardless of the resolution or frame rate. You can do this either by pressing and holding on the video playback, or by using the video editor in the Samsung Gallery app.

But how does the Instant Slow-mo work? The secret is in the power of AI. Samsung claims that the feature uses generative AI to create new frames in between the original ones, thus creating a smooth and realistic slow-motion effect. The AI model analyzes the motion and content of the video and fills in the gaps with frames that match the style and quality of the source video.

The result is a stunning slow-motion video that looks like it was shot with a high-speed camera. You can use the Instant Slow-mo to capture dramatic moments, such as sports, action, or nature scenes, or to add some flair to your everyday videos. You can also adjust the speed of the slow motion effect, from half to one-eighth of the original speed, depending on how slow you want to go.

The Instant Slow-mo is one of the many Galaxy AI features that the Galaxy S24 series boasts, along with AI Write, AI Voice, and AI Translate. These features aim to enhance your productivity, creativity, and communication with the help of AI. Samsung says that the Galaxy AI is constantly learning and improving and that it will offer more AI-powered features in the future.

The Galaxy S24 series is available now in three models: the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24+, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. You can learn more about the Instant Slow-mo and other Galaxy AI features on Samsung’s official website or by reading some of the reviews online.

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