Google is set to introduce two sizes for the Pixel Watch 3

The Google Pixel Watch 2 earned acclaim for its style and performance, yet criticism emerged due to its limited 41mm size. In response, Google is set to unveil the Pixel Watch 3, providing two size options to address user concerns.

While exact dimensions remain undisclosed, the larger Pixel Watch 3 is anticipated to surpass the 41mm size of its predecessor. This modification could accommodate a more extensive 1.3-inch display and a larger battery, potentially enhancing the device’s overall performance and health monitoring capabilities.

The anticipated 22mm bands for the larger version suggest a sleeker design, complemented by a reduction in the bezel around the screen. This adjustment not only improves aesthetics but also caters to users with larger wrists, offering a more inclusive and stylish wearable.

The Pixel Watch 3, expected to debut in October alongside the Pixel 9 series, maintains continuity with the Snapdragon W5 chipset. This chipset, already present in the Pixel Watch 2, ensures reliable performance, although no news of a new Wear OS chipset has emerged.

The Pixel Watch 2, though commendable, faced a drawback in its size compared to competitors. With the Pixel Watch 3’s two-size approach, Google aims to cater to a broader audience, offering a solution for those seeking a larger, more visually appealing smartwatch.

Sources suggest that the Pixel Watch 3’s larger variant could boast improved battery life, exceeding the Pixel Watch 2’s already commendable 24 hours. A potential 30–36 hours with a larger screen and battery may entice users to upgrade.

As Google endeavors to rectify the size limitation, the Pixel Watch 3 is poised to make waves in the smartwatch market, offering versatility, enhanced aesthetics, and an upgraded user experience for both existing Pixel Watch enthusiasts and potential new adopters.

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