Fossil Group Bids Farewell to Smartwatch Business After Gen 6

Fossil Group, known for its stylish smartwatches blending traditional design with modern technology, is discontinuing its smartwatch business after the release of its Gen 6, announced in a statement to The Verge.

The decision comes amidst a shifting smartwatch landscape, with Fossil redirecting resources to focus on its core strengths: designing and distributing traditional watches, jewelry, and leather goods.

Fossil’s exit after the release of its Gen 6, marks the end of an era, that has persisted through challenging periods of Wear OS. However, with the recent collaboration between Google and Samsung on Wear OS 3, the smartwatch market has seen renewed momentum, prompting Fossil’s strategic shift.

The success of Wear OS is attributed to Google and Samsung’s hardware efforts, including Google’s acquisition of Fitbit and the release of its Pixel Watch series, along with Samsung’s popular Galaxy Watch lineup.

Despite Fossil’s departure, the smartwatch market will miss its unique blend of minimalist design and fashion-forward approach. The company assures existing smartwatch owners of continued updates for the next few years.

Fossil’s departure leaves a void in the industry, with few alternatives offering a similar blend of style and functionality.

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