DxOMark Analysis Exposes Fairphone 5’s Battery Weakness

The Fairphone 5, known for its easily replaceable 4,200mAh battery, faces criticism after failing the DxOMark battery analysis. Despite its repair-friendly design, the analysis highlights significant weaknesses in the battery performance of the smartphone.


Previous reviews had already raised concerns about the Fairphone 5’s battery, which were confirmed by the DxOMark analysis. The smartphone scored only 83 points, ranking 165th, with its Qualcomm QCM6490 processor, based on Snapdragon 778G, being notably inefficient in power optimization. During camera usage, the battery drained completely within two hours, emphasizing the device’s shortcomings in sustaining power-intensive tasks. Although it fared slightly better during gaming, lasting around 5.5 hours, the overall battery performance fell short of expectations. Under lighter usage scenarios, such as making calls and streaming music, the Fairphone 5 demonstrates improved battery life, lasting approximately 5 hours with social media apps and a full day with moderate usage.

Despite its battery limitations, the Fairphone 5 distinguishes itself as a sustainable smartphone option, offering a remarkable 5 years of warranty and 8 years of software updates. With a focus on recycled elements, enhanced modularity, and ethical trade practices, the Fairphone 5 presents a compelling choice for environmentally conscious consumers. While the device’s sustainability credentials may stimulate demand, its poor battery performance remains a significant drawback. However, Fairphone’s commitment to ethical practices and long-term support may offset this limitation for some consumers.

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