Ai Pin: The Screenless, Wearable That Could Replace Your Phone

What is the Ai Pin?

The Ai Pin is a new device from Humane, a startup founded by former Apple designers. It is a pocket-sized, square-shaped gadget that clips to your clothing and acts as a smartphone alternative. It has no screen but instead uses voice, gestures, and a laser projector to interact with you and the world around you. It also comes with a powerful virtual assistant that can access some of the most advanced AI models and platforms.

What can the Ai Pin do?

The Ai Pin can perform many of the tasks that you would normally do on your phone, such as:

  • Calling and texting: The Ai Pin has a dedicated phone number and unlimited talk, text, and data through T-Mobile. You can use voice commands or tap the device to make calls or send messages. You can also use the laser projector to see your contacts or messages on your palm.
Ai Pin
  • Web search and object identification: The Ai Pin can search the web for any information you need, such as news, weather, directions, or trivia. You can also use the device’s camera and sensors to identify objects, people, or places in your surroundings. The Ai Pin will show you relevant information or suggestions on your palm or in your ear.
  • Photos and videos: The Ai Pin can take photos and videos with its ultra-wide RGB camera. You can use voice commands or gestures to capture moments or memories. You can also use the laser projector to see your photos or videos on your palm or on any surface.
  • Entertainment and education: The Ai Pin can play music, podcasts, audiobooks, or games for you. You can use voice commands or gestures to control the playback or select the content. You can also use the device’s AI capabilities to learn new skills, languages, or topics. The Ai Pin will adapt to your preferences and goals and provide you with personalized and interactive content.

How could the Ai Pin replace your phone?

The Ai Pin is designed to be a device that you can wear all day and use whenever you need it. It is supposed to be more convenient, intuitive, and immersive than your phone. It also aims to help you live more in the moment and reduce your screen time. Some of the benefits of the Ai Pin are:

Ai Pin
  • Portability and comfort: The Ai Pin is small, lightweight, and easy to attach to your clothing. You don’t need to carry a bulky phone in your pocket or bag. You also don’t need to worry about charging your phone or finding a power outlet. The Ai Pin comes with a magnetic clip that doubles as the battery and includes two backup batteries that you can swap anytime.
  • Privacy and security: The Ai Pin is designed to protect your data and identity. It uses encryption, biometrics, and anti-tamper technology to ensure that only you can access your device and information. It also allows you to control what you share and with whom. You can use voice commands or gestures to turn on or off the device’s camera, microphone, or projector. You can also use the device’s AI features to filter out unwanted or harmful content or interactions.
  • Creativity and productivity: The Ai Pin is meant to enhance your creativity and productivity. It uses AI to understand your needs and connect you to the right service or experience instantly. It also uses AI to provide you with feedback, suggestions, or inspiration. You can use the device’s voice, gestures, or projector to create, edit, or share your content. You can also use the device’s AI to collaborate, communicate, or learn with others.


The Ai Pin is a revolutionary device that could change the way you use technology and interact with the world. It is a screenless, wearable smartphone that can do many things that your phone can do, but in a different and better way. It is also a device that could help you live more in the moment and less on your screen. The Ai Pin is available for pre-order now and will start shipping in early 2024. If you are interested in trying out this device, you can visit Humane’s website for more details.


Humane is a startup company that launched the Ai Pin, founded by former Apple designers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno. They are a husband-wife duo who worked on the design and engineering of the iPhone, iPad, and macOS at Apple. They left Apple in 2016 and started Humane in 2018. They have been working on creating a new device and platform for AI that is more convenient, intuitive, and immersive than the smartphone.

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